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nglt space news NGLT News is produced by a group of students studying at the University of Texas at Austin, currently working on a range of new launch technologies we believe will benefit current and future space launch vehicles, rockets and related engineering projects, and which, we hope, will benefit mankind’s understanding of the current obstacles and develop solutions that will help reach further out into our beautiful Universe.

As space science and engineering students, every second is spent on researching about space technology, developments in engineering as well as the space launches that are taking place, in order to gather more information about what is possible about further exploring our infinite cosmos.

earth sun spaceCurrently a growing number of space agencies, private individuals, commercial organisations and government departments around the world are investing in a new range of launch vehicles and developing technology which will be taking off in the near. We have made it our job to keep up to date with the latest vehicles and launches and to publish all our information as a public resource.

Our group consists of individuals who are not only enthusiasts but are aficionados and senior advisors in the space industry as well as working groups with close contact with private launch vehicle suppliers based in Houston and around the US.

future space launch vehiclesWith such quickening growth of the space tech industry, we are not able to cover every proposed future launch or space system but we do try to keep an eye out for the latest information we find regarding likely future technology, space launch vehicles and scientific research beyond Earth’s orbit.

However, some articles we publish cover stories that are pure conjecture and opinion, so the views posted on this site are not nessessearyly the views of the publishers.

Having said that, we hope you enjoy being some of the first to find out about the latest developments, future space projects and the new launch vehicles that will take future generations of mankind deeper into outer space…


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