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Launch Vehicles

See the latest proposed space launch vehicles and the technology behind them, From NASA think-tank ideas, research and development to maverick private spaceflight technology proposed by enthusiasts and engineers around the world.

SpaceX is one of the top space companies, which was founded in 2002 with an aim of revolutionizing the space technology to allow for the travel and settlement of human beings on other planets. SpaceX specializes in the design, manufacture, and launch of rockets and spacecraft.

While it is just one of the several space companies that does this, there a number of things that make SpaceX’s marketing and maufacturing processes, as well as their amazing vehicles stick out from the rest.

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This solution proposes that payloads might be launched into space by means of magnetized cables that are contained in sheaths. In essence, the device would consist of a sheathed cable that is attached to Earth at both ends, but with the middle part, which can be as long as 2000 km(1 240┬ámiles), suspended above the  [ Read More ]

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New Pneumatic Spaceflight Launch Systems

Posted by Matt on April - 4 - 2016

Another version of the space gun involves air pressure to launch a payload in to space through a barrel. While this system is certain not to be as violent a timed explosions, a major problem involves the compressibility of gasses, which will have serious effects on the rates of acceleration that could be obtained. One  [ Read More ]

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Finding a Better Way to Get to Space

Posted by Matt on April - 2 - 2016

Here Michael Kelzenberg contributes his ideas and opinions on the newer, better ways to get to space in the future. See what he has installed for us… “Very few things inspire us like space. It can be easy to forget what’s over us as we go about our daily lives, but then every night the  [ Read More ]

Endo atmospheric Tether

Posted by Matt on March - 24 - 2016

One proposed tether system, the Kinetics Interchange Tether (KITE), seems to have more merit than any other. In simple terms, the idea involves towing an aerodynamic payload behind a large subsonic, or low supersonic aircraft with a very long (20 km+) cable. At high altitude, the aircraft executes a change of direction, and the resulting  [ Read More ]

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Blast Wave Accelerator

Posted by Matt on January - 10 - 2016

Based on the space cannon envisioned by Jules Verne, this version of a space gun employs rings of explosive material along the length of the barrel. Instead of relying on one single detonation to propel the payload along the entire length of the barrel, the wave accelerator will use precisely timed detonations to drive the  [ Read More ]

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Mass Drivers – Launch Vehicle Technology

Posted by Matt on December - 16 - 2015

In its simplest form, a mass driver is nothing more than a long, linearly-arranged electromagnetic motor, along which metal-encased payloads can be accelerated to escape velocity. Just as a normal electric motor uses electro-magnetic forces to produce a rotating motion, so can a mass driver be made to accelerate a payload by the sequential activation  [ Read More ]

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Ram Accelerators

Posted by Matt on December - 1 - 2015

This method proposes that ram jet combustion processes be employed to launch a payload into space through a long barrel. In simple terms, a ram jet is nothing but a cone surrounded by a cowling. At very high velocities, the air that passes between the cone and the cowling is compressed, and once adequate compression  [ Read More ]

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Laser Propulsion – Space Launch Vehicles

Posted by Matt on November - 6 - 2015

The pressure exerted by lasers has been shown to be effective in moving small pieces of space debris into safer orbits, but the attempt took 48 hours, and the mass of the piece of debris was only a few pounds. However, in this application, it is proposed that lasers are substituted for chemical rocket engines,  [ Read More ]

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Vortex Generators – Next-Gen Spaceflight

Posted by Matt on October - 19 - 2015

Alright so in six grade I began my research for science fair with a relatively simple project. If I change the design of a rocket in different ways which will fly the highest. Now I had predicted that the rocket with no modifications would go the highest, but in fact this hypothesis is wrong in  [ Read More ]

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