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Mass Drivers – Launch Vehicle Technology

Posted by Matt on December - 16 - 2015

Mass Drivers working mechanismIn its simplest form, a mass driver is nothing more than a long, linearly-arranged electromagnetic motor, along which metal-encased payloads can be accelerated to escape velocity.

Just as a normal electric motor uses electro-magnetic forces to produce a rotating motion, so can a mass driver be made to accelerate a payload by the sequential activation of a series of electro-magnets along its length.

Unlimited acceleration?

mass driversMajor advantage of a mass driver is that the acceleration track can be built to almost any length, and that the technology, and the computing power to control it is readily available.<

Nothing needs to be invented to make the idea work, which is perhaps its biggest drawback, since it is not complicated enough to satisfy lovers of the exotic and impractical.

Learn more about  Mass Drivers at the National Space Society

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