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Vortex Generators – Next-Gen Spaceflight

Posted by Matt on October - 19 - 2015

Alright so in six grade I began my research for science fair with a relatively simple project. If I change the design of a rocket in different ways which will fly the highest. Now I had predicted that the rocket with no modifications would go the highest, but in fact this hypothesis is wrong in  [ Read More ]

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Slingatron – Next-Gen Launch Technology

Posted by Matt on October - 18 - 2015

Have you ever stirred a cup of coffee by swirling the cup in a circular motion, without actually rotating the cup? You have, and it works, right? Well, the Slinga-tron depends on the same principle to impart escape velocity to a payload. Essentially, the device will consist of a coil, in appearance much like a  [ Read More ]

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Welcome to Next Generation Launch Technology News

Posted by Matt on September - 10 - 2015

Curtis Tyrone Jones once said that “the deeper the journey into inner space, the further the possibilities in outer space”. The reason behind for the quote and for this site – The reason to explore. In space, exploration is done by launching satellites and rockets that help us understand what lies beyond what the mere  [ Read More ]