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Welcome to Next Generation Launch Technology News

Posted by Matt on September - 10 - 2015

Curtis Tyrone Jones once said that “the deeper the journey into inner space, the further the possibilities in outer space”. The reason behind for the quote and for this site – The reason to explore.

In space, exploration is done by launching satellites and rockets that help us understand what lies beyond what the mere human eye can see. These space launchers have helped the human race in understanding what space consists of, how it works and about our place in it.

A new generation of launch vehicles created, maintained and flown by private and public organisations around the globe are being developed at a quickening rate – helping broaden humanity’s horizons and the possibility of knowing more about what is currently unknown.

We are enthusiasts who keep an eye and an ear out for any possible information or research that we can find about the rockets and spaceships of the future that will help in the human being understanding and knowing more about space, and ourselves.

As a group of space science students at the University of Texas at Austin, we have the vigor and the drive to research and find about the next generation of space launch technology. We have been gathering information for a long time and publish it so it is readily available for fans and enthusiasts alike.

Information is of two kinds, one which is factual and accurate, and the other which is based on anecdotes and rumors. We publish the latest on both and put in a lot of effort and work in making sure that what we publish, in correct and truthful as much as possible.

Please feel free to contact our group using the online form wheather you have a question or want us to publish a feature about your space launch technology project or your predictions for the future of manned spaceflight.