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SpaceX is one of the top space companies, which was founded in 2002 with an aim of revolutionizing the space technology to allow for the travel and settlement of human beings on other planets. SpaceX specializes in the design, manufacture, and launch of rockets and spacecraft.

While it is just one of the several space companies that does this, there a number of things that make SpaceX’s marketing and maufacturing processes, as well as their amazing vehicles stick out from the rest. Below is a look at some of these things that make SpaceX so cool:

1. SpaceX Branding

One of the coolest things about SpaceX is their branding. The company uses a very attractive logo that is found in its products. The logo is also very prominent on the company’s website, where it helps to make the site more visually appealing to the users. In addition to the official company logo, SpaceX also uses other branding features such as the Falcon logo for its Falcon rockets and the Dragon logo for its Dragon spacecraft.

2. SpaceX Rocket and Spacecraft Technology

SpaceX has risen to become one of the leading companies in the development of rockets and spacecraft. The company has been researching reusable rocket technology for a while now, and in March 2017, it hit a gold mine when it recycled and successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket booster.
SpaceX is also in the process of researching and developing a super heavy lift spacecraft, the ITS Launch Vehicle, to be used in interplanetary transportation. If successful, this technology – combined with the reusable rocket technology – would make traveling to other planets very easy and affordable.

3. SpaceX Rocket Landing Techniques

Another area where SpaceX has been making headways in the space industry is the rocket landing techniques. To achieve the dream of reusing rockets, SpaceX various landing techniques to ensure that launched rockets could be recycled. SpaceX is the first company to ever land a stage 1 rocket on both land and sea platforms, an achievement that has helped them to dramatically reduce the cost of space launches – the company is now offering its clients a 10% price discount for launches made using recycled Falcon 9 stage 1 rockets.

4. The SpaceX Online Shopping

Another thing that makes SpaceX cool is its online shop. The shop contains a variety of products that include SpaceX-branded clothes for men, women, and kids.  As noted by Martin Wilson and other space marketing experts, the website shop also features a range of SpaceX-branded merchandise such as baseball caps, water bottles, rocket pens, luggage tags, mugs, rocket flying models, and posters, all which make excellent gifts for SpaceX and space fans.

5. SpaceX Website

Lastly, another thing that makes SpaceX one of the coolest space companies is its website, The site is one of the best space websites, and it features impressive layouts, graphics, and styled text that makes you want to stay on the site for longer. The website also contains very rich information about the company, its services and products, and the space industry.

SpaceX is one of the relatively new space companies, having been formed in 2002. However, in its 15 years of operations, the company has risen to become one of the top space companies. From a cool website to an amazing online shop, and groundbreaking rocket and spacecraft technology, SpaceX is, without a doubt, one of the coolest space companies in the world.

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